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The Full Story

Executive Summary

Bethlehem is a candle and home interior designer from Gothenburg Sweden. Through her design brand Nordic Glow Company, she manufactures several types of unscented candles in different shapes and sizes and is constantly experimenting with new shapes and patterns to awaken her customers' minds.


In addition to candle manufacturing, Bethlehem also manufactures home interior design items such as dishes & trays made from the casting material Jesmonite in various shapes, sizes & colors.


Bethlehem started her candle - making hobby during the covid-19 pandemic in year 2020 and is now working on expanding her hobby to a reliable business selling to private consumers through e-commerce.

Nordic Glow Company candles are not just like any candles in the market as we produce each candle with our clients in mind and personally handcrafted by Bethlehem. 


Asides selling handmade candles and homedecor, we also write candle making related content in our monthly newsletter for our most loyal customers who also want to try making candles at home. The vision is to eventually create classes and other content such as Ebooks, classes and consultancy, for Swedish Candle Makers. 

 Nordic Glow Company is owned and run by Bethlehem Mehari. There has been no external partner and there are no plans to having any in the nearest future.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

We know that the future of sustaining our business lies in our loyal customers, the structure of our business, the competence of our employees, as well as our various and diverse business structures. These factors therefore affect our strategies drafted to ensure that we remain in business.

One of the dreams of our business is to ensure that we build a business that is able to pay itself in the long run and not depend on external sources to continually fund its operations except in areas where the business needs to expand. We now that this can be possible if we remain focused on our vision as well as company policies.

Since we do not want to close shop anytime soon at Nordic Glow Company, we will try to ensure that  all profit is now invested back into the business. Once the company generates enough sales and profits to pay salary, profits will also partly be shared among top performing management staff.


Due to our various researches, we know that the market for candles is not only booming but also that it hasn’t even attained its peak yet, which means that there is room for more growth in the industry. This has shown that the candle making business is not only here to stay but is booming as a result of the favorable economy, and the fact that candles aren’t considered expensive by consumers.

Therefor is part of our vision not to be limited locally in Sweden but to also expand overseas. 


We have enough experience in the business to know that ensuring that our customers stay satisfied, responding quickly to their enquiries and complaints as well as having an excellent customer service overall, have led to the increased retention rate of most of our customers.  We know how important repeated customers are to a business, and so we try to make their experience with us as satisfactory as possible.


Nordic Glow Company vision is to be the leading brand in the Sweden and Nordic. 

    Our mission is to build a candle making business organically, each profit is reinvested back into the business in order to meet the constant growth and development that will intrigue our loyal customers and also intrigue potential customers as well.

 Our vision is to branch globally as well.

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