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Nordic Glow Company

My Story


My name is Bethlehem and I am the creator behind Nordic Glow Company.

I am a self-taught candle-maker artist from Sweden currently working with candle-making as a side project. My primary career is Organizational Consultant/Behavioural Therapist specialist in Organizational & Work psychology and I have a five year psychology degrees specializing in Organizational Psychology. I developed my hobby project as a candle Interior Designer during my parental leave, when I had my first baby girl. My daughter is the inspiration to my work, that's why my first candle is named after her, Maya which means Good Mother, Illusion & Water.

For a long time, my dream, has been to work creatively and be a business owner.  Ever since I was young I have been very creative and crafty, mainly in photography, artwork and movie -making. In 2018 I was diagnosed with burnout, due to working too much, and during that time my love for yoga and spirituality came alive. Candles where something I used in order to create a beautiful, relaxing home for myself. 

When then Corona pandemic hit the world in year 2020, I Suddenly had more free time on my hand as I was mostly isolated due to my pregnancy and the pandemic (working from home). My interest around candles, spirituality and esthetic creative craft got bigger. Out of that interest - I started drafting and working on my candle - business in November 2020. I have never made a candle before, so my first step was to read as much as possible about how to make candles. I knew I was on the right path, as every step of building my hobby and  business made me excited. I love the process of going from idea, to development to launching, setting up at craft shows and communicating with customers - people who appreciate my craft. I love the business side of things, research development and even the chemistry process of candle making. I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far and looking forward to the future.

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I like to think candles are a portal between natural beauty and someones house and soul.

Developing my craft and the business side of things is something that is constant at Nordic Glow Company. I am always looking to grow, and offer our loyal customers the best selection of product at unbeatable prices. We ensure our continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items. Sign up to our newsletter in order to get the best products and deals to our most loyal customers. 

All candles at Nordic Glow Company and merch is handcrafted by Bethlehem. The candles are handpourd into handcrafted Jesmonite candle Jars. Made in Sweden, using top quality sustainable sourced ingredients. 

I am so grateful of you being here and reading my story. My favorite part of running Nordic Glow Company is getting connected with people. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!

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